ClickPlay – The StartUp taking visual storytelling to the next level

Founded by London-based award-winning film Director Flavia Casà and Editor Cristina Balduin, ClickPlay is an innovative filmmaking workshop for young people, taking visual storytelling to the next level. Through interactive video practice, ClickPlay offers a unique way for the next generation to improve upon their social abilities, and develop creative market-appealing qualities.

From capturing the imaginations of millions of people, to sharing information on the day-to-day, the power of moving image content is growing every day. We have founded ClickPlay in order to guide the creatives of tomorrow to think visually, and to apply filmmaking tools to real-world situations” explain filmmakers Flavia Casà and Cristina Balduin.

“By going through the traditional production process of writing a script, shooting techniques, and editing, we identify and focus on character-strengthening skills at every stage, so that students not only produce a short film, but expand their aptitudes in communication.”

Unlike standard after-school filmmaking programmes, ClickPlay is here to nurture imagination in young people, and set them up for success.

How does it work?

During this confinement period, ClickPlay will conduct virtual filmmaking courses via Zoom, where students will have a chance to enjoy playful activities related to story development, practice on professional scriptwriting and editing softwares, make a film at home using their mobiles, and have one-on-one sessions with the tutors so that the process is tailored to each young person’s character-building goals.

This format allows the tutors to teach kids from all over the world. If your child is bilingual, please let us know which time zone you are in so that we can try to include them. But please note that for students to make the most of this digital format, places are limited, so we encourage parents to book in advance.

The full programme, which runs 6 weeks and includes professional filmmaking gear, will resume in September. To register your interest, please contact us.

Do you know fellow parents whose kids are curious, full of ideas, and restless at home? Share our platform so they can connect with us.

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